Anointed Oil Mentoring Services

Our 16 Plus and Mentoring Services offers supported individual packages to Young people aged 16-25 years old as well as mentoring to children of any age.

At Anointed Oil Mentoring Services we recognise the benefit for young people to experience mentoring, support and guidance from adults in developing their own independence skills and self-reliance. Therefore we offer a variety of packages including, accommodation, individual tailored support hours, mentoring, advocacy and guidance for education, training, development and housing applications.

We work with statutory bodies, parents and others with parental responsibility to assist our young people to develop their self-care and independent living skills, self-reliance and decision making appropriate to their age and encourage opportunities to gain independence. We currently offer different packages, including shared accommodation, individual supported accommodation, sleep-in staff and mentoring in young people’s own accommodation (which can be provided to children of any age.)

Our 16 plus service aims to provide a positive experience for young people as they grow and develop into young adults. In doing so we provide opportunities to nature basic life skills and knowledge that they’ll need in order to be able to live fully independently.

We are committed to helping young people who are moving towards making the transition to independent living. Supported by a strong experienced staff team our 16 Plus service engages continually to meet the expressed needs of the young people. Our ultimate aim for our 16 Plus Young People is to enable them to live totally independently; to sustain their own tenancy and be a responsible member of the community, while achieving their dreams.

support and advice
emergency placements


We recognises the obstacles and challenges that face young people as they prepare to leave local authority care and make transition into independence and adulthood. We believe that providing young people with positive role models and empathetic, dedicated experienced Keyworkers, we can equip them with the independent living skills required to thrive in the wider community.

We will specifically focus our work with young people in the following areas:

  • Providing good quality accommodation in studio/one or two bedroom flats
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Home Care Skills (e.g. Shopping, Cooking, Cleaning)
  • Accessing/Managing Education or Work
  • Challenging anti-social behaviour
  • Managing relationships
  • Overcoming boredom and isolation
  • Self identity
  • Self care skills

Here at Anointed Oil Mentoring Services we know that many care leavers have experienced trauma in their lives. Moreover, we recognise that they will make mistakes as we all do. Our organisation is fully committed to working with young people in times of both calm and crisis, to allow them every opportunity to fulfil their potential as young adults.